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Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come. (Chinese proverb)
Vocal coaching - Complete Vocal Technique

Singing lessons for beginners, advanced and professional singers. The method I use is Complete Vocal Technique. I have15 years of experience in teaching (graduated from the Rotterdam Conservatory) and have been performing since I was young. Listen to some examples in Media. I am fluent in English and Italian and know a bit of German French and Spanish.
Danish singer and voice-researcher Cathrine Sadolin developed Complete Vocal Technique. This is a revolutionary method for all styles of singing including everything from Pop to rock as well as opera and death metal. Everybody (singers and actors at all levels) can benefit from this powerfull method and its fast working solutions to any vocal challenge. Complete Vocal Technique covers the anatomy and correct use of the voice using the Four Vocal Modes (Neutral, Curbing, Overdrive, Edge), Sound colours, Emergency aid (preventing damaging the voice ) and introduces a healthy way of producing Vocal Effects (i.e. distortion, growl, screams, vocal breaks, adding air to the voice, vibrato, ornamentation technique).

Vocal coaching - Complete Vocal Technique
Complete Vocal Technique
Complete Vocal Technique helps you with:

  • Larger range, higher and lower notes
  • Longer notes and phrases
  • More power
  • Effects (e.g. distortion, growl, vibrato, ornamentation technique, screams)
  • Solve vocal problems, like for example hoarseness or weariness
  • Recover a lost voice with "Emergency Aid"